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Do you want to buy an abstract painting? Welcome to Ronald Hunter Paintings!

Dutch artist Ronald Hunter makes affordable paintings in bright colours. His goal is to create affordable art for everyone and keep it that way.

His art is sold all over the world and to date his work is displayed in 53 different countries. You can now buy abstract art directly from the artist.

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ronald hunter with painting

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Ronald Hunter is an independent artist, known for his large abstract and modern paintings. You can buy Ronald’s paintings here online, or directly from the gallery in Rotterdam. Ronald worked for many years as a graphic designer until he made the full switch to painting. Due to his background, Ronald’s colourful, vibrant paintings have a distinctly graphic style. Ronald’s work is characterized by a beautiful deep layering, which he achieves through multiple layers of paint and texture. Each piece is unique from the next and each piece of art evokes its own atmosphere. Buying a painting is something personal. What could be more personal than buying a work directly from the artist? Visit Ronald’s art gallery in Rotterdam! Do you have a question about a large painting, or do you want to visit the gallery? Contact us!