Painting series by Ronald Hunter

Do you want to buy a beautiful abstract painting? You have come to the right place at Ronald Hunter Paintings!

Ronald Hunter is a Dutch artist, specialized in modern and abstract paintings.

Ronald uses a wide variety of colors. On this page we highlight the series of Ronald’s paintings.
A painting by Ronald Hunter is a beautiful eye-catcher!

Ronald’s modern paintings in fresh colors fit into many interior styles. Each painting is unique and evokes its own atmosphere through color, texture and sense of depth.

View all painting series by Ronald below.


Multiple layers of paint and texture create a sense of depth.
There is always something new to discover in these paintings. The balanced composition of colors will give your house or beach house an uplift.


Ronald Hunter is a versatile artist, with an oeuvre that encompasses various modern and abstract styles. An important style in Ronald Hunter’s art collection is the ‘Oceanic’ series.


Abstract landscape paintings can be found in the series ‘Landscape’.
Sea landscapes, forest landscapes, mountain landscapes or a view of a city.


The ‘Traffic’ series is characterized by graphic shapes in contrasting colours. Ronald has built up each painting from many layers of acrylic paint. The different color layers are still partly visible, which gives the paintings a wonderful depth.

Boiling Bubbles

The unique ‘Boiling Bubbles’ series. The bubbles provide a sense of movement, for positive energy to flow freely. Vibrant colours, suitable for a modern interior.


In the ‘Static’ series, the different color layers are still partially visible. Ronald uses many layers of acrylic paint for this. These are applied in firm brushstrokes, creating waves of intense, vibrant color.

Pop Art Girl

The beautiful pop art portraits are the cornerstone in Ronald’s collection. Handmade and often with striking neon colours, the paintings from the ‘Pop Art Girl’ series are true eye catchers.


An exploration of light and color.
The diamond-shaped objects change color and shape depending on how you look at them, just like the facets of a gemstone.
The result is surprising color combinations.


With a background in graphic design, Ronald often adds elements of graphic art and typographic form to his work. He uses the term ‘Typopop’ for such paintings.


You will find figurative abstract paintings in the ‘Figures’ series. Balanced compositions of color and shape, each work is unique and handmade.


The ‘Blocked’ series by Ronald Hunter. A balanced composition of color and shape, each painting is unique and handmade.


Art series ‘Once’ is one that Ronald is very proud of. You see beautiful layers of color that blend into each other. Fresh color combinations that fit in a modern interior.

Family portrait

Discover the new series of beautiful abstract portraits, of families of all shapes and sizes. These artworks are made with acrylic paint on high quality paper (250gr) by Ronald Hunter.


‘Abstracted’: this series contains very unique abstract works. Modern minimalist paintings that give your interior a colorful touch.


The lines of the paintings from the ‘Lines’ series bring tranquility to the room and fit into any interior style.  Layers of acrylic paint and texture give the  paintings an interesting twist.

Circle Line

‘Circle Line’: Lively and colorful, in combination with circles.
These paintings will light up your room. The different colors make these paintings suitable for almost any interior.


In the ‘Stream’ series, Ronald uses rapid brushstrokes to create a sense of movement, of positive energy flowing freely. The beautiful mix of colors is exactly what your interior style needs.

Ronald is best known for his abstract art; nevertheless his portraits are an important part of his collection. His love for the pop art style is well reflected in his portraits.

The ‘Brushed’ series. Layer upon layer of acrylic paints are applied in firm brushstrokes, creating waves of intense vibrant color. These minimalist pieces bring tranquility to the room.

Limited Edition

Looking for truly unique works?
The ‘Limited Editions’ series contains paintings that are made in a limited edition.