ROCO Studio

ROCO, the alias of Ronald Hunter, is an experienced Dutch painter of international renown. In addition, ROCO Studio acts as Hunter’s foray into figurative art. Because where Ronald Hunter’s work revolves around his typical abstract compositions, ROCO is more about raw, street art and pop art. Under this pseudonym Ronald can experiment more, investigate and push the boundaries of his work.

ROCO has a clear style in which often powerful and confident women play the leading role. With high contrasts, many layers and different techniques, he creates portraits that stand out. Another recurring theme of ROCO Studio is typography in all its shapes and sizes. Letters form the basis for a graphic and balanced composition full of color. No words and complete sentences, but letters purely as shapes and symbols.

This is the place to be if you’re looking for statement pieces.

I am fascinated by many forms of art and with ROCO Studio can I discover how far my imagination takes me

Ronald Hunter