Kissing Lip Orange
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Kissing Lip Orange

Kissing Lip Orange


Portrait of a woman.

This statement piece will look great in your home.

This neon screen print is a digital artwork and in a limited edition of 50 pieces, signed and numbered by ROCO Studio.

This painting comes without a frame.


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Neon screen print: Kissing Lip Orange

Made by ROCO Studio.

Neon orange screenprint, made in our studio by ROCO. Colors that POP.

This beautiful statement piece from ROCO Studio will give your home an uplift. Designed and hand printed by ROCO Studio on high quality paper.

Limited edition of 50 pieces.

ROCO, the alias of Ronald Hunter, is an experienced Dutch painter of international renown. In addition, ROCO Studio acts as Hunter’s foray into figurative art. Because where Ronald Hunter’s work revolves around his typical abstract compositions, ROCO is more about raw, street art and pop art. Under this pseudonym ROCO can experiment more, investigate and push the boundaries of its work.

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Extra information



Screen printing






High-quality paper (240 grams)




Screen printing technique

Paint type

Acrylic paint (print)



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