Day Dreamer White
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Day Dreamer White

Day Dreamer White


Handpainted floppy diskette with a pop art silkscreen of a female face.

This artwork includes a black frame and is framed with a museum glass frame (so no reflection in this 3 cm deep frame).


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Digital Artwork: Day Dreamer White

Made by ROCO Studio.

Floppy disk painting, made in our studio by ROCO. This is an original painting on four floppy disks. The artwork is signed on the back. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity.

As a multidisciplinary artist, ROCO is fascinated by many forms of art. And screen printing is certainly one of them. Inspired by powerful and confident women, ROCO created this colorful statement piece with a vintage feel.

ROCO, the alias of Ronald Hunter, is an experienced Dutch painter of international renown. In addition, ROCO Studio acts as Hunter’s foray into figurative art. Because where Ronald Hunter’s work revolves around his typical abstract compositions, ROCO is more about raw, street art and pop art. Under this pseudonym ROCO can experiment more, investigate and push the boundaries of its work.

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Screen printing


, , ,




High-quality paper (240 grams)




mixed technique

Paint type

Acrylic paint (silkscreen)



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