Commissioned painting

A large part of the Ronald Hunter collection is made to order.
This means that Ronald only makes the painting once it has been bought.

In this way we keep the stock small and we can price the paintings attractively. Moreover, Ronald can adapt the painting to your wishes.

You also have the option of commissioning a painting.
Ronald will then make a unique work especially for you!

ronald hunter art commission
make unique painting

Have a unique painting made

Do you have a specific style or color palette in mind and would you like Ronald to make a custom painting especially for you? Ronald will do his best to accommodate your request for this unique piece of art, as long as it stays within the styles of his abstract art or pop art.

We ask 10% extra on top of the price of the painting / on the purchase price for a custom request. Ronald starts with a (digital) sketch, after permission from the customer we will send you photos of the painting within 10 days. The painting will only be sent after approval. And are you not satisfied? Then you will receive the purchase amount back.

Interested in a custom artwork from a sold painting or a brand new piece? We would like to hear from you!

Commissioned art for interior projects

Interior design professionals know that art brings a WOW factor to any project. Art can make a difference, especially when the art is custom made.

Finding custom art for interior projects has never been easier. Not only does Ronald Hunter have a wide variety of available artworks to choose from. He also has extensive experience creating custom art for professional projects. Read about its simple process here.

ronald hunter commissioned painting

Some examples of commissioned paintings