Working from home? Time for wall art

We are all working from home more, and will most likely continue to do so in the future. The design of a pleasant workplace has therefore become all the more important. A good office chair and table are of course important, but have you also thought what working at home with art can mean for you? Art can be a valuable addition to the office.

Beautiful art in your home office is not only nice to look at, it also brings other benefits. Read below about some of the benefits of art in the study. Plus some inspiration from our collection!

A painting gives depth to the office

Most of us don’t have the luxury of a large study. We are often in a smaller space that, although intimate, is often not very exciting. A painting is a simple but effective way to give more color and depth to a room. And this without having to rebuild anything! Not only does it immediately give the room more elan, but it is also a nice background during online meetings.

(Abstract) art expands your mind

Abstract art certainly fits well in a work environment, because it can be interpreted in endless ways. So you are not tied to an image or idea of the artist, as with figurative art. Precisely because of the abstraction you are completely free in the interpretation. You can give free rein to your intuitive mind by looking at the work, which works well for thought processes.

Art lasts a lifetime

Finally, beautiful art is timeless. It is not only suitable for your current office, but also for future ones. Where an office chair wears out and equipment becomes obsolete, a painting lasts a lifetime. We can’t think of a better investment in your home office interior.