Super-size to a new painting

XL painting: Dare to go big with your new painting

You may already know what color composition you are looking for in a new artwork and whether it should be a horizontal or square painting. Then the question remains, which size to choose? In this short article we tell you why an XL painting is not a bad idea.

At Ronald Hunter Paintings we have a wide collection of paintings in different sizes, for every interior. In addition to more standard sizes, Ronald also regularly makes large XL paintings , such as this ‘XL Abstracted in Blue’.

We regularly receive customer photos. Because we often notice – despite the fact that the work hangs beautifully on the wall – that the buyer could have gone a size bigger with the painting. We have often experienced that even in a ‘normal’ living room an XL painting fits well and can be very impressive. In a smaller space, a large painting can actually make the room feel much larger.

Especially if you have a large wall to fill, or if you have a large sofa in the living room, an XL painting is quickly recommended. As a standard you can assume that a painting may have approximately 2/3 of the width of the sofa. How big is the work going to be for you?

Not sure which size fits you best? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.