Stars on the canvas with Ronald Hunter

Finally we can announce it: Ronald Hunter has been chosen as one of the artists who can participate in Sterren op het Doek! The popular program of Omroep MAX returned to the tube in September 2019 after an absence of five years. At the time, Hanneke Groenteman presented the program. The baton has been passed to presenter Özcan Akyol, who – if you ask us – is very suitable for this role.

Ronald and Lee Towers

Ronald was given the honor of portraying the Rotterdam legend Lee Towers . Fantastic, of course, since Ronald himself has enjoyed living and working in the port city for years.

It was already very nice to be asked for Sterren op het Doek. I was so happy when I heard that I could paint Lee Towers. Iconic for Rotterdam, and a beautiful striking head. In addition, a great man to meet.

stars on the canvas with lee towers
stars on the canvas with lee towers 1

Portraits inspired by the Pop Art movement

Anyone who follows Ronald a little knows that his portraits are often a fusion of graphic elements with a hand-painted portrait.

I have a background in graphic design and like to play with shapes and typography in my work. Bright neon colors are often part of my color palette. I start by looking for the right color balance and use larger and smaller typography to shape the background. Once the shape/color feels balanced, I decide which portrait fits best.