Stars on the canvas with Lee Towers

Last Tuesday was the final episode of Stars on the Canvas 2019 (with Lee Towers). After this broadcast we can finally show the result and the process of the painting that Ronald made of Leen. Although Ronald is not a classical portrait painter, he was very honored to be asked to be one of the artists at Sterren op de canvas.

lee towers stars on the canvas 1

The Lee Towers painting (the trial)

Ronald builds up his paintings with different layers of acrylic paint, overlapping colors, shapes and typographic images . He uses shapes in a free way; it is more important that it produces a nice image than that the text is immediately legible. “Otherwise this would distract too much from the whole,” says Ronald. For example, in Lee’s painting, large capital letters are used and it is not immediately apparent that AHOY is written here. When we look closer, we also see that “You never walk alone” is written on the canvas.

lee towers stars on the canvas 2

Lee Towers is an icon, and therefore portrayed as stately and grand, but also with a smile and a gentle character. The gold paint used in the work symbolizes the ever-present gold microphone and his pride is depicted as a small neon heart on his left chest in the form of his received ribbon. The background is built up by typographical shapes that together resemble a city landscape .

Record amount for auction painting Lee Towers

Of course Ronald regrets that Leen did not choose his canvas in the end, but it yielded a record amount at the auction. Which is of course a fantastic compliment! The counter eventually stood at € 5050. Proceeds go to Courageous Forward Riding School.

lee towers stars on the canvas 3

Joining stars on the canvas & Lee Towers

Ronald thought it was a great opportunity and very nice to participate in Sterren op hetscherm. He would therefore like to thank the people of the program for this unique opportunity. In addition, it was very special to meet Leen and his wife Laura. Laura was very charmed by the work and thought that the ‘clown’ behind Leen was beautifully captured.

Leen will never let people go home empty-handed, so everyone received a signed CD.

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