Pop Art Portraits

Pop Art portraits of Ronald Hunter

Ronald Hunter is best known for his abstract art ; nevertheless his portraits are an important part of his collection. His love for the pop art style is well reflected in his pop art portraits.

For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to Pop Art. I like that it's such an outspoken art form. Reality is not what it seems and is even placed in a completely different light. Specifically, the way Pop artists manage to take everyday objects out of context, magnify and exaggerate. As a spectator you are often misled.

Ronald Hunter

Portraits of Ronald

Ronald makes extensive use of typography, neon and contrasting colors in his portraits. This tells something about his background:

I have a background in graphic design and like to play with shapes and typographic shapes in my work. Bright neon colors are often part of the color palette. I start by looking for the right color balance and use larger and smaller typography to shape the background. Once the shape/color feels balanced, I decide which portrait fits best.

Ronald Hunter

Ronald usually stays away from famous faces (although he made an exception for Frida), because he wants the face to remain neutral for the viewer. Ronald wants people to experience the image as a whole; the interaction of colours, shapes and face.

Ronald participates in Stars on the Canvas

Ronald Hunter has been selected as one of the artists participating in Sterren op het Doek. Omroep MAX’s popular TV program returned in September 2019 after a five-year absence. In each episode a Dutch celebrity is portrayed by 3 artists. Ronald was given the honor of portraying the Rotterdam legend Lee Towers.

It was already very nice to be asked for Sterren op het Doek. I was so happy when I heard that I could paint Lee Towers. Iconic for Rotterdam, and a beautiful striking head. In addition, a great man to meet.

Ronald Hunter

All his portraits are hand painted. He makes several of his paintings in series again on request. View the full collection of portraits here. Want to stay informed about Ronald’s work and projects? Follow him on Instagram !