Painting on order

Ronald Hunter chooses to make part of his collection to order. This means that some paintings in the shop have already been sold, and Ronald will recreate them especially for you.

Why Ronald chooses painting to order? Ronald wants to make original art accessible to a wide audience. In this way we can offer a large collection and at the same time keep the stock small. This allows us to price the paintings attractively.

And not unimportant, Ronald can adjust the painting to your wishes!

Ronald likes to work in series, in which a certain style is repeatedly made in different forms. Sometimes a painting is so well balanced that Ronald makes it more often. The ‘Panels’ series is a good example of this.

painting on order
painting to order 1

How does it work?

After placing the order, you will receive an e-mail from us within a few days with a time schedule. If you would like the painting in a different format, please send us a message . Then we first discuss the price with you and create a custom listing. If you would like any other adjustments to the color palette or composition of the painting, please let us know.

Usually within 1-2 weeks Ronald has made the painting, and you will receive photos for approval. There is still room for adjustments if necessary.

The painting will only be sent after your approval. And if you are not satisfied, you will receive the full purchase price from us.

Are you interested in a custom painting, or would you like to visit the gallery? Contact us!