Original Art: Certificate of Authenticity

Ronald Hunter original art – a guarantee of quality and a lifetime of durability.

Ronald Hunter offers a wide collection of original art, in various styles and sizes. He only uses the highest quality materials so that his customers can enjoy their paintings for a long time.

Ronald Hunter guarantees quality and lifelong durability for all his paintings (if treated correctly). He endorses this with his signature on the front of each painting (initials RH). Also, each original Ronald Hunter artwork comes with an official certificate of authenticity.

Below you can see what Ronald Hunter’s certificate looks like. You’ll find it securely fastened to the back of any canvas. We strongly recommend keeping it there, to preserve the value of the artwork. Over time, the value of Ronald’s original art will only increase. His official certificate will be vital to show the authenticity of his artworks. We therefore emphasize that we must keep it.

Below is an example of a certificate for the collection of Modern Art on paper . This certificate is added to every painting, with Ronald’s signature. We also recommend that you keep this certificate with the artwork.

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