New painting series: Static

As a full-time artist, Ronald Hunter spends a lot of time trying out new techniques and styles. And while Ronald has some rules in creating his art, there are still endless directions to explore. In this way he always continues to investigate different colours, shapes and compositions. One of the advantages of the abstract style is the freedom to experiment with color and shape. This is clearly evident in the series of new paintings ‘Static’.

Static Series

With the Static series, the different color layers are still partially visible. This ensures that each painting has a beautiful and exciting depth. Ronald uses many layers of acrylic paint for this. The paintings have different sizes and a hook on the back.

View all new paintings from the Static series here . The paintings are available individually, but if you have the space, you could also combine two for an extra striking effect.

We expect new additions to this series in the near future, these will also vary in format. So be sure to keep an eye on our website! You can also follow Ronald’s Instagram to stay informed about new work, projects and exhibitions.