New painting series: Islands

New art series from Ronald Hunter: Islands

As a full-time artist, Ronald Hunter spends a lot of time trying out new techniques and styles.  And while Ronald has some rules in creating his art, there are still endless directions to explore when exploring colors and shapes. One of the joys of abstract is the freedom Ronald feels to experiment with color and form.

His new art series ‘Islands’ (2019) is the result of one of those explorations. Free forms seem to float around on the canvas. The paintings are made up of many layers of acrylic paint and texture. What is interesting about this series is that, for the first time, texture is leading in the painting. The resulting color layers create a powerful image.

'Islands' takes my free-form exploration to another level. I often need the full canvas to tell my story, but with 'Islands' I leave more space and let the texture patterns take charge.

Ronald Hunter

The interplay of colors and texture has a particularly remarkable effect on ‘Islands Neon’. Neon orange seems to shine through the texture, creating a feeling of lava or glowing logs.