New painting series: Diamonds

We proudly present Ronald’s new art series: ‘Diamonds’ ; an exploration of light and color. The diamond-shaped objects change color and shape depending on how you look at them, as do the facets of this gemstone. Surprising color combinations are the result.

The different color layers are still partly visible, which gives each painting a nice depth. Ronald uses many layers of acrylic paint for this.

Color Overlays

My new art series 'Diamonds' actually stems from Sunny & Square, an abstract diptych I made last year. This painting made me want to further investigate the effect of color overlaps. I wanted to see what happens when I slide facets of color on top of each other. This is probably due to my background as a graphic designer, where I often experimented with color overlap.

Ronald Hunter

Each painting is 95 x 95 cm and includes a black frame. The paintings are sold individually, but you can also combine them for an extra striking effect.

We expect new additions to this series in the near future, so keep an eye on our website or follow Ronald’s Instagram to keep up to date with new work and projects!