New painting series: circle in circle

We are proud to present Ronald’s new series, ‘Circle in Cirle’. This beautiful series is characterized by round shapes in contrasting colors. Repeating the circles in different layers of color creates a movement within a movement.

Ronald has built each painting from many layers of acrylic paint that he paints almost transparently over one another. As a result, the different layers of color are still partially visible. This ensures that each painting has a beautiful and exciting depth. The soft and natural colors create tranquility and give the paintings an added warmth that will fit into almost any interior.

What is also new about the Circle in Circle series is that all paintings in the series can be hung vertically as well as horizontally. In fact, Ronald Hunter’s signature can be read vertically as well as horizontally, so it rotates. We also provide 2 hooks on the back so you can choose how to hang the painting.

Because Ronald Hunter is a full-time artist, he can spend a lot of time exploring new techniques, colors and styles. And while Ronald has some rules in creating his art, there are still endless directions to explore. In the new series of paintings “Circle in Circle,” we see yet another new side of Ronald and his work.

We expect new additions to this series in the near future, these will also vary in format. So be sure to keep an eye on our website! You can also follow Ronald’s Instagram to stay informed about new work, projects and exhibitions.