Mix & Match art with Ronald Hunter paintings

The power of complementary art

It’s not hard to feel inspired by images of walls filled with beautiful art. A collection of artwork on the wall is special, but how to start? This fall, we’re helping you create your own wall of art with the Fine Art on Paper collection created by Ronald Hunter.

Each Art on Paper is unique and handmade by Ronald. And last but not least, these original artworks are very affordable and therefore a great way to start your art collection.

Ronald uses acrylic paint on high quality paper (300 gr) to create these colorful original paintings. Most are 42 × 59.4 cm (A2) in size.

mix match art with ronald hunter paintings 1

Ronald likes to work on paper, because it allows him to experiment more freely with color and shape compared to canvas. He works intuitively, which means that he can create a series of paintings in a relatively short period of time.

I work best under pressure, I set a goal and get to work. I like to paint with many different colors. The resulting image is further fine-tuned as I work on the other paintings in the series.

Ronald Hunter

Ronald’s Art on Papers are beautiful in their own right, but a mix & match of paintings brings even more vibrancy to your home.

Create your own wall with art

With its elegant designs and rich colors it is difficult to choose. To show you which paintings go well together, we show you suggestions of paintings that go well together. For a balanced look it is important that all artworks have something in common, even if it is a similar color shade.

Take, for example, these paintings, ‘Neon Layers’ and ‘Dotted Sunset’. The airy design of ‘Dotted Sunset’ balances well with the richness of colors of ‘Neon Layers’. The warm color palette brings the two together.

mix match art with ronald hunter paintings 8