Large painting in the living room

What a large painting can do for your interior

It’s no secret that we at Ronald Hunter Paintings are fans of great art. We have already covered this in a previous blog. An XL painting can be an impressive addition to your interior. But there are even more reasons to buy a large painting.

XL paintings

Why a large painting?

A painting is a great basis for the rest of your interior. Unfortunately, wall art is still often considered an afterthought. Still, don’t underestimate the power of art: it’s what people look at last, long after the furniture has been set up and the last coat of paint has dried. When art is carefully selected, a large painting can form the basis for your entire interior.

Large paintings can bridge spaces

While small works of art make a space more intimate, a large painting can bind the interior together. A small work of art will quickly get lost in a large space, or become too dominated by the furniture. A large canvas on the wall immediately feels like the space is finished. As a result, large abstract works of art have enormous added value in large spaces.

For example, consider a house in which the living room is two stories high. Such high walls can be quite intimidating. But if you put a large abstract painting in the middle, it can break up the high wall. And that brings the atmosphere closer to the ‘human’ scale of the interior. Moreover, abstract paintings are very easy to read from afar. So you don’t have to walk there to enjoy it.

The same goes for spaces that are intimidating in style. For example, when a room has a very distinct layout. The shapes in an abstract painting can smooth out the impact of such extremities. For example, a minimalist interior can sometimes come across as too clean or too boring. If you hang a daring abstract painting there, you create a beautiful contrast.

Buying a large work of art: 3 tips

When you are looking for a suitable painting as a focal point for your interior, the dimensions are very important. A painting that is too small will be overshadowed by the furniture surrounding it. On the other hand, a painting that is too large may be too much of a good thing. Therefore, measure the available wall space in advance so that you know approximately how large the painting should be.

Don’t worry too much about color when choosing a large piece of art. Just focus on finding a large painting that appeals to you, a work of art that makes you think, “This is it.” You can then use the colors in the chosen painting as inspiration for the final color palette of your interior. The latter may seem tricky, but it is actually very simple. Pick the dominant color from the painting and use it elsewhere in your interior. For example in the sofa, the curtains or a carpet. You can also paint one opposite wall in that dominant color. Then choose another secondary color from the painting that you can use for accents.


Art doesn’t have to be the final piece of the puzzle when you’re decorating. In fact, you might be better off starting with it. If you do it the right way, a painting can be a great foundation for the rest of your interior.

Are you interested in one of Ronald Hunter’s large paintings?

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