Large and serene: The Oceanic collection

Oceanic: The collection of Sea paintings by Ronald Hunter

Ronald Hunter is a versatile artist, with an oeuvre that encompasses various modern and abstract styles. An important style in Ronald Hunter’s art collection is the Oceanic series . These impressive sea paintings are inspired by the sea in summer.

I like the sea in the summer. The vibrant colors, how the sun's rays play on the surface on a clear day. With the Oceanic series I wanted to capture the feeling of diving underwater, those few seconds of perfect peace and tranquility.

Ronald Hunter


This beautiful art series is characterized by layers of rich blue tones, combined with yellow/gold accents. The transition from lighter to darker shades in particular seems to evoke a sense of depth, of being submerged.

Ronald uses a light texture for this, so that the colored layers are partially visible. This aims to express the clarity and ever-changing colors of the ocean.

The serene appearance of the paintings makes a lasting impression. Especially the large paintings have a meditative quality that will bring a nice calm to your interior.

Ronald regularly adds new paintings to the series. We recommend following him on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest work and projects. You will therefore be the first to know about discounts and promotions.

large and serene the oceanic collection