How do you choose a painting for your interior?

Helpful guidelines to get you started.

Buying art paintings is exciting, and can be quite a challenge. The work of art you buy preferably brings a lot of joy for a long time. But how do you know you’ve found the right job? With these handy guidelines we hope to help you on your way to the perfect painting for your interior.

First the basics

Start learning about the different art movements and find out which styles you like. Do you prefer abstract, modern, figurative? Here Instagram is useful; it’s a great way to explore artists and galleries around the world. Useful hashtags to check out are #abstractart #modernart #artnow or follow accounts like Artfinder, SaatchiArt and ArtcollectorMagazine. (If you do, don’t forget to follow Ronald’s Instagram ;))

Think carefully about the placement of the artwork; which room, how much space you have there and how the light in the room changes during the day.

What color palette do you have in mind – do you want it to match the colors in your interior, or do you want it to add something new?

Are you looking for a work of art that will stand out or will merge with your interior? Here are two examples of ‘extremes’:

What size painting fits the wall?

Finally, think about the size of your artwork; how big do you want to go? Do you want a single work of art, or a gallery wall with several works combined? See below some examples of Ronald Hunter paintings in different interior styles.

We have often seen that even in a ‘normal’ living room, an XL painting can fit well and be very impressive. In a smaller room, a large painting can even make the room look bigger.

Are you planning to hang the artwork above a sofa or sideboard? In general, a minimum size of 100 cm wide is recommended (or at least 2/3 of the width of the sofa or sideboard). Below you see an example of a slightly larger vs. a smaller painting for the space can mean:

Where do you buy art?

Then you know which style you are looking for, and in which format. Then comes the question, where are you going to buy the art?

There are many ways to buy art, and buying art directly from the artist makes the lines as short as possible. Especially now that artists can offer a safe online purchasing experience, direct buying is easier than ever. It not only ensures that you are buying original art; we can imagine that it makes the purchase even more pleasant through the personal contact. That is why we invite everyone to contact Ronald if you want to know more about his process or the story behind a specific work of art.

Trust your intuition

We believe it’s important to use common sense when buying art, but more importantly, to follow your heart. Trust your personal taste and intuition and buy something you really love. Especially when the artwork matches your budget.

We invite you to take a look around the Ronald Hunter collection. This can be done online, or visit our art gallery in Rotterdam (open by appointment). You might find something you fall in love with. We are available if you would like to discuss. In addition, we offer commissioned paintings; Ronald likes to create a work of art that is precisely tailored to your wishes.