Frame your painting for the perfect look

Choose a painting with a frame, for extra elegance

Are you looking for a painting with a frame ? You can add a frame of your choice to every painting by Ronald Hunter. And although Ronald paints the sides of his canvases (so a frame is not necessary), one of our frames can perfect the look of your painting. We use baking frames (‘floating frames’) that leave a little space. It’s an elegant look and brings out the best quality in both.

Ordering a list is simple

We only sell the baking frames in combination with a Ronald Hunter painting. Some paintings are sold with a frame (which is clearly stated on the product page), and for most paintings you have to order these separately. Ordering is simple: you only have to click through the dropdown in the product description of your painting of choice, and choose your desired frame.

Our floating frames are made of wood, and you can choose from black or white , or in natural oak . And if you want, Ronald can paint it in any color you want. Simply choose ‘ custom frame ‘ as an option from the drop-down menu and email us with your preferred color. The frames are hand painted by Ronald.

See below some examples of custom frames . Not sure which color suits your painting? Contact us!

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