Dutch art straight from the studio

Buying art is following your heart. It is something very personal, which is difficult to explain in words. Many people spend a long time trying to find the right work of art, and wonder what best suits their interior. In this blog we give a few tips, and we can already reveal: you don’t have to look far for beautiful and affordable Dutch art.


Color and composition as a starting point

If you like coherence in your interior, color is a good starting point for a painting. For example, the color of a sofa or accessories can match a color in the painting. This makes the interior and artwork become one. You can see a nice example in the photo on the right, which we received from a customer in Chicago. The blue from ‘Color Circle Line’ fits perfectly with the deep blue sofa.

Before your eye is caught, imagine a large modern painting in which shades of red and horizontal lines predominate. This allows you to create a visual theme that reappears elsewhere in the room. You can think of chair covers, decorative cushions and accessories such as vases. It doesn’t matter what visual language your artwork creates. Let it guide you in making your interior design choices, and you will create a cohesive, inviting atmosphere.

dutch art straight from the studio 2
dutch art straight from the studio 1

Also think about atmosphere and light

You probably know better than anyone how important it is to create the right atmosphere in your home. You probably put a lot of time and effort into that, only to find that the atmosphere you want to convey is not quite there. A modern painting can immediately create a certain atmosphere through colours, patterns and composition. Take as an example the combination of ‘Vertical Panels’ and ‘Layer Player’ on the right. Two different compositions that still fit together nicely.

Dutch art by Ronald Hunter

In addition, the question is where you want to buy a painting. Not only should the painting itself feel good, the purchase experience is also important. At Ronald Hunter, you buy Dutch art directly from the artist and from his studio in Rotterdam.

This offers a number of advantages. You have direct contact with Ronald, and you know for sure that you are buying original work. Moreover, he can easily adapt a painting to your wishes if necessary. Part of the collection is made to order, which means that he only makes the painting when it is ordered. As a result, we keep the stock small, and we can offer the paintings for attractive prices.

You can view his collection in peace in the official webshop. It is also possible to view the work in our art gallery . Please contact us if you are interested in a painting or if you would like to visit the gallery.

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Dutch art straight from the studio

A selection from the collection