City Structure in Neon Lights

New Painting: City Structure in Neon Lights

The latest addition to the Ronald Hunter collection is ‘City Structure in Neon Lights’ (90×90 cm). Ronald wants to create a sense of depth and texture through multiple layers of acrylic paint.

With this artwork, Ronald wanted to capture the feeling of the city, the dynamic pace and the vibrant rhythm of life. The contrasting neon colors and layers of texture create a sense of movement. It therefore resembles the urban feel of a city that never sleeps.

Update: This original painting is unfortunately no longer available in our webshop. You can request a commission or view a similar work of art, ‘City Lights in Neon’ (90×90 cm). This artwork is made in the same vein as ‘City Structure in Neon Lights’, just without the texture layers on the canvas.