Buy art from the artist

What could be more pleasant than buying art from the artist himself? Not only do you get to hear more about the background of the work and the artist through personal contact, the price of the work can also be kept lower.

Ronald Hunter is an independent artist, who left his commercial career for the art world 5 years ago. His webshop offers a safe environment which makes it possible to buy art from the artist.

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Ronald Hunter’s work style

His background in graphic design is evident in his work.

As a graphic designer you have to use a certain balance and contrast to 'tell a story'. You will also find these basic rules in my artworks. For example, I will always use dark and light colors to create a certain balance

He specializes in abstract art and wants everyone to have their own personal experience with his art.

I prefer abstract images, I think it's important that viewers can have their own idea about what the painting represents. Some customers have a strong feeling/idea what my paintings are about, I find it interesting to hear all the different opinions about the same artwork. No idea will be right or wrong

He works with different textures and uses acrylic paint because it dries the fastest.

I work very quickly in many layers. You could think of it as my signature, the layers add depth and texture to my work. That also makes it an interesting piece of art, even if you look at it for years.

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Inspiration is everywhere

Ronald finds inspiration all around him. He will reapply some of his designs in different shapes and color compositions, each unique in its own right.

One of my favorite pieces of art is the 'Panels' series, this idea came about from a huge table I worked on with large wooden panels. A lot of people passing by told me they liked those wooden panels with lots of colored paint, so I decided to recreate my table in a painting. Now I sell different versions of the colored panels.

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He continuously develops his style and technique, and always adds new elements to his work.

About 1.5 years ago I started painting faces on top of the abstract typography. The faces are never famous people or anyone in particular, I also want to keep this abstract.

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