Art on Paper

In addition to canvas, Ronald also enjoys working on paper. Experimenting with abstract forms, lots of color and originality are recurring themes in his work. He works intuitively and often paints on several works at once.

Each Art on Paper painting is unique and handmade by Ronald. Last but not least, these original artworks are very affordable and therefore a great way to start your art collection. With its wide variety and playful composition of color and shape, it fits into any interior. Moreover, they can be easily combined with each other or interchanged due to the standard A2 size.

Ronald is a strong advocate of affordable art and wants everyone to be able to buy his work. So while each painting is unique, it does not have to come with a high price tag. So you can already own an original Ronald Hunter for 129 euros.

The competitive price makes it extra attractive to combine two or three paintings and to put together your own art wall by hanging several together.

Want affordable and colorful art on paper in your home? Then check out the here the entire collection. Ronald Hunter’s paintings are not only signed on the front, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity. The photos illustrate how the painting would look with a frame. Are you interested in a list? Then contact us.

Ronald Hunter’s collection continues to grow with new artworks. Do you want to stay informed? Then follow Ronald on Instagram.